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"..group tours for those who normally wouldn't take a group tour."

Why travel with us?

Out in the remote desert regions of Australia, far from the tourist busses at Ayers Rock and Kakadu, there are vast sand dune deserts, spectacular mountain ranges, woodlands, salt lakes and the cleanest untouched wilderness on earth. Since 1988, we have been enthralling people from all over the world in this extraordinary place. Diamantina is Australia’s premier remote outback touring company. We do not travel in coaches, or four wheel drive busses. We travel in late model forward seating Toyota Landcruisers and Nissan Patrols – vehicles appropriate to the extreme terrain. We travel in convoy. Our tours have been described as “group tours for those who don’t normally do group tours”. Australian tourism icons are not on our itineraries. We leave those to the crowds. We do not camp in camp grounds – where we go there are none! We provide the authentic quality outback experience. There is certainly an element of “roughing” it. But there is also an element of comfort. Our cuisine is exceptional. Your guides and leaders all have a passion for Outback, and love to share it with you. And the outback can be a magnificent place to camp.If you love Australia, if you have an adventurous spirit, an enquiring mind, and a yearning to see the real outback then a Diamantina expedition is for you. We're not the cheapest - others advertise they are. In outback travel, like everything else you get what you pay for. Diamantina simply offer honest value for money. Whichever Diamantina expedition you decide to join, the following aspects are common to all our trips:

group size
All our groups are small, under 25. Small groups provide a better group dynamic, and in many cases are essential to preserve the environment in many of the remote and sensitive places we visit. They also afford us the opportunity to provide you with individual attention and care.

care for the environment
Any journey into the wilderness is going to involve environmental impact. Diamantina strives to minimize this through sound environmental practices. We take all rubbish out with us. We use biodegradable products wherever possible. Ecologist John Read said in his book Red Sand, Green Heart that, ‘Diamantina Tours have been operating tours to the outback for over ten years and, impressively, the repeatedly used camp sites show little impact in all this time.’ Our reputation allows us exclusive access to some areas not afforded other tourism operators. We hold Advanced Ecotourism Accreditation under the internationally acclaimed Nature and Ecotourism Accreditation Program (NEAP). Advanced accreditation under NEAP provides you with the peace of mind of a guarantee that we will provide you with an ecologically responsible experience.

your travelling companions
Many different kinds of people travel with us. Around 80% of our guests are Australian, 20% from overseas, mainly the USA and Europe. Age is not an issue, we have had teenagers and octogenarians join us. On average, 55% of our group will be women. Our guests travel both alone or with a friend, they are often experienced travellers and often complete beginners. One thing that our guests share is an interest in nature and the outdoors, travelling in and exploring wild and remote places. So you can expect to be travelling with like- minded people. Over 30% of our guests have been on tours with us before, and many have developed life long friendships with fellow travellers.


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Diamantina is a life member of the Tourism Alliance, , the peak tourism industry body in Victoria. Our principal Andrew Dwyer designed the first Australian Tourism Operators Accreditation paper, and was Inaugural President of the Victorian Tourism Operators Association. Diamantina has a commitment to professionalism in tourism. Our leaders all participate in ongoing training and all have remote area first aid training. We are fully accredited under the National Australian Tourism Accreditation Program and have Advanced Eco Tourism Accreditation through the national NEAP scheme. Diamantina has won numerous industry awards and accolades and is a recognised industry leader.

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our staff
Our staff are our most important asset. Most have been with us for over fifteen years. They love the outback, and they love sharing it with you. Our leaders are skilled Bushmen. They live and work in rural and outback Australia, and they have the knowledge and the skills to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable experience.

is it for you?
Our trips are for active, flexible-minded people who enjoy the unusual and the adventurous, and prefer to learn something and experience the country they are travelling through, and not just view it out the window of a coach. You should be reasonably fit and healthy, however any heavy physical activities are optional. Our expeditions involve some rough travel, so if you have a bad back you should consider participating in a gentler activity. In the remote outback you also from time to time have to put up with a lack of civilized comforts, such as a hot shower every day. The weather can be varied, and camping outdoors means you have to deal with varying weather conditions. Generally the temperatures are mild during winter in the Outback, but Australia is not a land of averages, but more a land of extremes. Distances are vast, and that means there are periods of long travelling time in the vehicles. It is the nature of the Outback. However there are also lots of breaks, points of interest and extra vehicle activities every day. If you don’t think you can cope with these conditions, then an Outback expedition is probably not for you. Travelling in the outback is always and adventure. Often we will divert to see amazing natural phenomena – like pelican rookeries on a flooded Lake Eyre. Also droughts, flood, fire, sandstorms and anything else that nature can hurl at you can get in the way and we have to change our plans. In the past it has usually been these events that offer the most memorable and unplanned for experiences. If you are concerned about a flexible itinerary, perhaps the more remote outback is not for you.

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