Interactive Map of the Deserts of the Australian Outback

de'sert (-z-)a.&n. 1.a uninhabited, desolate; uncultivated, barren 2.n waterless and treeless region  
Information on each of Australia's deserts
Details about all deserts of Outback Australia, including the Simpson, Great Sandy, Gibson and Great Victoria
Nothing could be a less accurate description of the outback than the above term. The outback supports an astonishing 75% of Australia's biodiversity. The interactive map below shows the 11 named 'deserts' of Australia. By running your mouse over the links to the left of the map the deserts will appear. By clicking on the links you can visit that desert's pages which detail its geology, botany, Aboriginal heritage as well as handy travel information.  


Size (km2)
% of Australia
Great Victoria Desert WA,SA 348,750 4.5
Great Sandy Desert WA 267,250 3.5
Tanami Desert WA,NT 184,500 2.4
Simpson Desert NT,QLD,SA 176,500 2.3
Gibson Desert WA 156,000 2.0
Little Sandy Desert WA 111,500 1.5
Strzelecki Desert SA,QLD,NSW 80,250 1.0
Sturt Stony Desert SA,QLD,NSW 29,750 0.3
Tirari Desert SA 15,250 0.2
Pedirka Desert SA 1,250 less than 0.1
Total   1,371,000 18