Trek the Cross Cut Saw

Introducing the Cross Cut Saw Trek

4 days departs Mansfield returns Mansfield
Vehicle supported - Fully guided walking
$2200 per person
Single supplement $150

21- 24 November 2017
28 November - 1 December 2017
6-9 February 2018
13-16 February 2018

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The Cross Cut Saw is widely acknowledged as the most spectacular alpine ridge walk in Australia. Aptly named, the trek follows a saw tooth ridge high above the treeline, right on the Great Divide. The sheer magnitude of the terrain, the rugged escarpments and the awe inspiring wilderness views will leave you breathless. From Refrigerator Gap the track navigates upward through the massive buttress of the Bluff escarpment to the summit at 1725m, where we enter the magical High Country. It is a land of twisted gnarled snow gums, soft, aromatic herb fields carpeted in wildflowers, historical Mountain Cattlemen’s huts and spectacular views of ranges upon ranges stretching to the horizon.

We trek the ever changing scenery in this alpine wilderness wonderland. Our final night is spent camping on the tree lined shores of Lake Cobbler before descending to the wonderful wineries of the King Valley. Fully guided by Diamantina’s expert professional guides, fully vehicle supported hiking leaves you free from the burden of heavy packs, you will enjoy this trek only carrying a day pack. Camping is in luxury swags on stretchers in spacious tents. At the end of the day sit around the campfire and relax sharing the highlights of the days walk with your fellow walkers while we prepare you one of our sumptuous fresh cooked meals with fine Australian table wines.

The Bluff
The Bluff

The Alpine National Park

The Alpine National Park is Victoria's largest National Park, protecting 1.6 million acres of peaks, escarpments, forests and rivers from Mt Baw Baw to the New South Wales border. Through their cultural traditions, the Bidawal, Dhudhuroa, Gunaikurnai, Jaithmathang, Taungurong and Nindi-Ngudjam Ngarigu Monero identify the Alpine National Park as their Traditional Country.

King Billy Tree
King Billy Tree
photo courtesy Brett Mifsud

The Ancient King Billy Tree.

This ancient snow gum - Eucalyptus pauciflora subsp niphophila has been named the 'King Billy Tree' and has Heritage listing on Victoria's National Trust register. The National Trust lists it at 9.4m girth and a wind restricted 6.7m tall! Snow gums at this altitude grow very slowly and are often covered in snow for 3-4 months of the year, and are subject to extreme alpine weather. That this wonderful tree has survived for hundreds of years escaping successive bushfires is miraculous.It was already known and documented by cattlemen back in the 1880s.

Meadows of Wildflowers

The Alps in Bloom.

In summertime the alpine meadows are carpeted in a stunning profusion of wildflowers. All the senses are heightened. There air is full of delightful perfume given off by their volatile oils, and the intensity of colour is a feast for the eyes.

Bluff Hut

Historic Cattlemens Huts.

For generations cattlemen would drive their cattle up into the mountains in summer to feed on the alpine pasture. Whilst cattle no longer graze the Alpine National Park, their historic and atmospheric huts still pepper the mountains, offering respite from adverse weather and a glimpse of life in days gone by.

The Alpine National Park
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